Who We Are

As the premier digital concept shop for artisans of the African Diaspora, The Volta retails apparel, accessories and apothecary from a curated list of brands who have strong cultural ties to their country of origin from Haiti and Puerto Rico to Ghana and South Africa.

We sell from designers who align with the goal of spotlighting other designers of color, in a melanin-deficient fashion world: The jewelry is all individually made by hand. Apothecary from organic ingredients. Yes, even the candles. Leather goods are made of the finest, durable quality. And the apparel —coming soon— is from the hottest international and homegrown American talent.

We don't discriminate, we participate.

And the coolest part of The Volta is that a portion of sales go to sustainable projects in areas of need throughout the globe. That's right, you have a totally valid reason to shop.

Danielle Kwateng-Clark, the former fashion editor who founded The Volta, has one simple mission: Create the right platform for talent and watch them flourish.

Join the movement.