5 Very Black Places To Visit This Spring Break

Photo: Courtesy of Dorado Beach Resort

Photo: Courtesy of Dorado Beach Resort

By Naomi Charles

Spring Break is a time to recuperate and have fun. Why not take a trip to a place that appreciates our roots and culture? We may know about our culture and our communities in New York, but how about experiencing our communities in other parts of the country and even the world?

Here are a list of cities that do just that!

1. Toronto, Canada

Toronto is an exciting city. It’s known for its great shopping, museums, and even amusement parks. It’s also known for quite a diverse population. In fact the Caribbean culture is so prevalent there that each summer the city holds a Caribana festival to celebrate Caribbean culture. While that won’t happen during spring break you can still enjoy Caribbean culture in neighborhoods like Kensington Market. There are many authentic shops and restaurants there that have the same ethnic vibes. Like New York City, Toronto has a Chinatown and Little Italy too!

2. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is very close to its Black roots and creole culture. While you just missed Mardi Gras, there are still events happening throughout the spring. The French Quarter holds a concert series where many people and bands who play styles of music that are indigenous to the area perform every Wednesday from March through May. There are also parades for major holidays like St. Patrick’s Day and Easter.

3. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Many don’t realize this, but Puerto Rico gets a lot of its culture and customs from Africa, not just indigenous Latin America and Spain. February through March the musical Festival Casals takes place in San Juan. During the celebration musicians come from different parts of the world to pay tribute to classical artist, Pablo Casals and to also celebrate other genres of music. If you’re a foodie, in April, the annual Saborea Culinary Festival is worth taking the trip. Not only do chefs from the island share dishes, but also chefs from different parts of the world share food.

4. Dubai, United Emirates

If you have saved up and are willing to splurge and travel far this spring break, then you might want to consider Dubai. Dubai has been attracting many young people of color lately. Immigrants make up 71 percent of Dubai’s population. Dubai is also one of the few places that aren’t run by White people. Many have said that they think that had a lot to do with why they were treated differently and felt so welcomed. Despite the fact that Dubai is very expensive and lavish, it is known for its people being humble. If you’re looking for a luxurious change, you might want to check this one out.

5. Havana, Cuba

It’s finally legal for Americans to directly travel to Cuba! Because Cuba has been closed off from the Western world for so long is still holds on to its rich history. Going to Cuba is like stepping back in time. African culture is thoroughly mixed in Cuban culture. This is due to the fact that more West African slaves were brought to Cuba than the United States. Havana has the largest population of black people than any other city on the island. If you decide to stop in Havana, go to the Festival of Classic Cars and Havana Biennial Art Exhibition that highlights the work of Latin American and Caribbean artists.

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