A Welcome Letter From Founder Danielle Kwateng-Clark

Photo: Widline Cadet

Photo: Widline Cadet

It's hard to describe the feeling of stepping out on your own. Liberation and fear bundled up in one. But that's only part of the journey that is The Volta. 

Founded in May of this year, The Volta is a manifestation of love for fashion that has care and conscious stitched into every seam. Well aware of how expensive sustainable fashion can be, my purpose was always to make buying it from talent of color accessible. 

Yes, you may pay a bit less at a fast-fashion store, but there are times when a quality buy is worth it. That unforgettable scent. A beautiful handmade clutch. A ring you'll find nowhere else. That's what we bring you at The Volta. 

Every design has a story, every purchase a mission. We help you, help yourself. And in turn, when you get, you give to a third world country in need. Think of it as cyclical good karma, because when you give to those in need it feeds a generation of talent. 

With that said, shop. Read the profiles of the amazing women on #TheVoltaLife. And expect more from us. It's all coming soon! 

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