Natural Hair Blogger and Model Aysha Sow On Leaving Belgium For The Big Apple

Photo via Instagram

Photo via Instagram

It requires a certain level of confidence to venture to another city to pursue a passion, especially when there's competition awaiting you. But model and blogger, Aysha Sow made the leap into the natural hair space and has been flying ever since.

From Belgium, the beauty currently resides in NYC and holds down a daytime finance job in addition to her personal blog. With a familiar face and 30k followers (@africanmelaninnn) liking her locs on Instagram, the 23-year-old knows a thing or two about branding.

Find out how she started blogging, her thoughts on living in America and when she realized she was Black.

1. What's your relationship with social media? Before you had an online presence, did you ever see yourself as a brand?

Currently I am very active on Instagram (@africanmelaninnn), I love to post pictures of just me being myself and I also love to interact with people on there (I have met so many amazing people through IG!). But before I never used to be very active on social media, that was before I came to New York. New York kind of pulled me out of my shell! Back then social media wasn't something I was into because I never thought of myself as having an "online presence" let alone see myself as a brand.. Which honestly, I don't see myself as a brand yet, I am just a girl who enjoys being herself and likes to share that online!

2. How did you grow your following? How would you describe your followers?

My following started growing when I started doing photo shoots and would post them on my Instagram page. On those pictures I would always rock my natural hair and I think that is what caught people's attention. The people who follow me on social media are definitely one loyal group of supportive people, I appreciate them so much! No matter what I post they always come through and show me so much love, it's crazy.

Photo via grate_reflections 

Photo via grate_reflections 

3. Because your brand is based on natural hair, do you ever feel confined by your aesthetic? How does your brand combat sectionalism? 

Yes the hair attracts attention, but I don't feel like I am boxed in. 

4. What's your source of motivation?

Other beautiful black women, who are just embracing who they are and aren't afraid to show that!

5. Would you ever live abroad? How has traveling influenced your view of the way we live in the States?

Yes! I am currently living abroad (in NY) because I am not from the States. I am from Belgium, Europe. So of course everything in the States is new to me, but I am loving every bit of it. Americans like to live LOUD, and I LOVE that!

6. Outside of work do you have interests that allow for regular self care? What are they?

I love to workout! I don't have as much free time as I used too, but whenever I can I try to squeeze in a little workout, to release stress and free my mind.

7. When did you first realize you were Black?

I have always known I was Black. Growing up as an African, that is something I identified with before anything. My African-ness is my Blackness and vice versa.