How Quiñ Found Her Space In Space

Photo: James McCloud

Photo: James McCloud

How Quiñ Found Her Space In Space

In her own words: "I have always been around music. My mother danced folklorico and jazz. My dad played the drums and the trumpet and would jam out with his friends all the time— there were a set of congas, always. When I was a kid I grew up around it, but was the first born, so I was just in my own world. There's five of us total. I loved singing with other people, in choir. But if anyone noticed me singing solo, I would get shy. My father would say, 'Bianca' —that's my real name— 'Bianca sing for our friends!' I'd be mortified to do it in front of a crowd, even a small one.


My dad is Puerto Rican and my mom is Mexican, so it was one of those things where I always knew my identity.


Later on, I sang in an Episcopal church choir so it was a lot of head voice and falsetto... I sang in that until eighth grade. I ended up doing gospel choir in high school where I learned to use my diaphragm. I loved the vibration of harmonizing. I still resisted the spotlight, but we had to sing solo for a grade. So I sang Weak but the Jo Jo version. And my teacher was like, 'You're really good.' I was naturally in these positions to get trained.

It wasn't until I was 19 when I took a break from college and met myself, for me to figure out I wanted to do this. Writing songs has always been something I've done, but I never wanted to share. But blending those two gifts together: Writing and singing, made me realize there was a reason I'm capable of doing this. So I told myself that everything that I'm afraid of, why not just do the opposite of what I'm comfortable with?

Once I realize what my issue with attention was, I was able to fight past my shyness with singing.


I'm a word nerd, that process of putting it all together. It's a game, I love it. 


So I came home and it lead me to positions that opened up songwriting and performances. And now here I am with many, many songs. I'm trying to save music with all these other kids— I just wanted to be a part of the movement. 

There's a song on my EP called 'Lightspeed' that I wrote and soon after had a meeting with Apple, just to play them my music. I explained to them how I have space dreams and the whole concept of life as a rollercoaster.

A couple days later they called me saying they want my song to be a part of Mission Juno Project, where they made a playlist and beamed it up to space through NASA. And I didn't even have a second verse for the song! It was the coolest thing ever."


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